1. Stills you
  2. Reassures you
  3. Leads you
  4. Enlightens you
  5. Forgives you
  6. Calms you
  7. Encourages you
  8. Comforts you

GOD is the most powerful person in this world. GOD can do all things. He is the one that is there with his shoulder that you can cry on and has a ear that will listen to all you good and all your bad. GOD will be the one that’s there till the end. GOD will forgive you for your mistakes that you have made. He knows everything that you do in your life and will help you get to your happy place which is with him. All good things come with GOD. GOD is now trying to get his people back to him for GOD is on his way back to get his people. It’s a lot of people doing the devil’s work right now and don’t know how to…

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